Monday, January 16, 2012

A Burden?

"You also say, 'My, how tiresome it is!' And you disdainfully sniff at it" says the Lord of hosts, "
and you bring what was taken by robbery and what is lame or sick; so you  bring the offering! 
Should I receive that from your hand?" says the Lord.  Malachi 1:13

Do I go to worship simply to check it off a to-do list?
Do I pray and spend time with the Lord because I have been told that I am supposed to?
Do I give my 10% tithe because I am afraid not to?  Or it is expected of me?
Do I serve at my church because my husband is a staff member?

Does God look at what I present him and wonder why I bother because it isn't done with godly intention and a pure heart?

WOW!  I am not sure how to process any of that because I want to deny with great conviction that worship and service have not become a burden.  The truth is that there are some days...some weeks...when my service, giving, and worship is a burden.

I don't want to present anything to the Lord and have it viewed as tiresome, so what do I do about it? How do I get back to the "heart of worship"?

Ironically, it isn't anything new!  God has laid out a plan and examples for me and it is quite simple.  I must have an intimate relationship with Him.  If I spend time with my God through prayer, meditation, scripture, corporate worship, and aligning my heart with His, then the only possible outcome is adoration, praise and worship cannot help but flow from my mouth, actions, and heart.

It starts with me.  I get it.  I want it.  I accept it.  I will allow God to mold me into the godly woman He has designed me to be; so here I am...start with me!

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