Friday, November 29, 2013

A Step of Faith

I must take a step of faith.

It is interesting to me that often the demonstration of our faith is in fact taking a step.

It is fascinating to me that even with the foreknowledge that God does the miraculous through our steps of faith I am still hesitant to step.

It is beyond my understanding why taking that step is so scary...why do I pause?

I have pondered this idea of taking a step of faith for several weeks and this last week it weighs heavy on my heart and mind.  It is pressing and that is when I know God is working in me.  Scott and I have experienced numerous times how amazing God will work if we just trust Him.  Yet, I still have my foot up...ready to step...but it hasn't moved...

I am reminded of many Biblical examples of God telling someone to "go" or to "do" something without a detailed plan or the assurance that it would be easy.  Scripture confirms that it is actually normal to hesitate, but the reward comes from the action behind the command.  Obedience.

God tells Noah to build a boat.  So, Noah did.
God tells Abraham to leave his home and go.  So, Abraham goes.
God tells Moses to be brave and go before Pharaoh and speak.  So, Moses goes and speaks.
God tells Joshua to enter the Promise Land.  So, Joshua goes.
Jesus tells the disciples to come and follow Him.  And, they did.  They stopped what they were doing and didn't ask why, where, or how.  They took those steps of faith.

The rewards for their obedience and steps of faith are beyond human explanation.  They took HUGE steps and God provided the strength and wisdom.  Perhaps, I need to understand that not every step will make sense.  Nor will I be able to have a detailed plan of how it is going to work.  However if I would place my foot on the ground and look towards the One who is calling, He will provide my strength and wisdom.  The journey along the way may be unpredictable and difficult, but the blessings will be tremendous.

My foot is poised and is time to step.

It is time to put my faith in acton.

It is time to remind myself of God's provision.

It is time to use this opportunity to share this life-changing truth with my children!

Ready...Get Set...Go!!!