Friday, June 8, 2012

God's Whisper

Our sweet Scottie has asked every day since school has let out for the summer if tomorrow is a school day or if it is summer.  It would be one thing if she only asked once as she goes to bed, but that is not the case.  She probably asks no less than 50 times a day...50 times!  We try so hard to not get annoyed, and we simply answer her that it is summer! 

I wish Scottie had confidence in our answer. 
I wish she could just rest and have peace that she has weeks left until school starts again. 
I wish she was able to keep our answer and hold on to it and not doubt. 
I wish she did not feel anxious.

This afternoon in the car the question was asked again and my first instinct (after we have answered it numerous times already today) was to ignore her.  Then, I felt God whispering.

God wishes I had confidence in His answers, His Word, His Him.
Jesus wishes I could just rest and have peace that He is in control and He will direct my path.
The Savior wishes I was able to hold on to the Truth and not doubt.
The Holy Spirit wishes I did not feel anxious.

Thank you Lord, for not ignoring me...

(My sweet Scottie how grateful I am that you continue to teach me lesson after lesson.)